Beyond Light

by Elusive Sight

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released March 25, 2016

Vocals - Gordon
Guitars / backing vocals - Jarosław Mendrek
Bass - Paweł Mendrek
Drums - Krzysztof Talar

All lyrics by Gordon.
CD cover by Michal Giedrojc.
Recorded and mixed by Jarosław Mendrek and Paweł Mendrek, Garbarnia Dźwięku.
Mastering by Jarosław Toifl.
Special thanks to Maks Ciastoń.



all rights reserved


Elusive Sight Leszno Górne, Poland

Elusive Sight is a compound of Gothic and Doom Metal mixed with female Pauline’s vocals and Jarosław's and Gordon's growl. The sounds of their music gives much food for thought. Mood of songs is melancholy, slow and heavy.

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Track Name: Of Hermit And The Absence Of Light
It all went south again
But this time it's for real
You're heading north
The instructions are unclear

And who's desperate now?
An actor with no audience
A ticking bomb
Accident waiting to happen

Thriving on solitude
Is this your plan?
Been gazing into the abyss
Still you can not invert thine

Inverted faith

Did you come here to heal your wounds?
To seek illumination?
What you found was hollowness
Slow self-immolation

You built yourself a shrine
In complete isolation
Hermit or a misanthrope?
Thy new obsession

Lot of time on your hands
But no one to learn from
Horror vacui
Can you still trust your instincts?

Don't lose yourself in this
The pursuit of nothing
Abandon this illusion
Before the madness closes in

The madness is closing in
Track Name: Implosion
Put on your mask
Keep it all buried inside
It's time to implode
Immerse yourself in doom

Wither away
Burst inward
Wither away

A great tribulation
Drains the life out of you
Triggers your anger
And all that lies within

Dreams that turn to dust
Of life force deprived

Malignant parasite
Shows no compassion
And now all will perish
'Tis the path to self-destruction

Wither away
Burst inward
Wither away

Your memories fade
You're on the edge
Try to hold on
Cover up your pain

Overcome it
Don't let it cast the shadow
Don't let it cast the shadow

An urge to destroy
A tool to survive
The thaw is coming
Take off your mask
Track Name: Into The Further
Fell asleep
Broke the vow
You're traveling again
Seeing things
You're not supposed to see
Into the further you go

Feeling safe
Thinking to yourself:
This is but a dream
I'll wake up soon
It will over soon
They'll stop that from happening

Went too far
And now you're trapped
In the realm of penance, grief and woe
They crave life
They knew you'd come
And now you're their only hope

They want to be able to feel again
They want to be able to feed again

Parasites from beyond
Dwellers on the threshold
Malevolent entities
Whisper lullabies in your ears
Track Name: To The Mountains
The journey begins
Realm of snow and ice
We'll become legends
Conquer the unclimbed

Where so many others have failed
Our star will shine bright
Where so many dreams have been shattered
We'll put up a fight

All of a sudden everything's changed
Got out of control
We’re in desperate position
No, there's no turning back

Can we climb any higher up?
Can we reach the top?

We survived
Against all odds
Never felt
So alive

So completely helpless and lost
For a while
Hypothermic and exhausted
But the mountains did not break us

We're reaching the summit
What a magnificent view
Far away
From the filth of this world
Track Name: Haven
Got on board and set the course
We're sailing away to the sea
Out of everyone's sight
To confront our deepest fears

Into the uncharted waters
We're masters of our own ship
Will we make it to the shore?
Reach haven of tranquility?
We have predicted this
Floodwaters came on the earth
We built our own ark
For the worst we were prepared

Keep the ship moving
Take no orders from no admiral

The storm's coming
Waves are getting bigger and bigger
There's no grace, no mercy and no covenant

We're in this alone
In the eye of the hurricane
In the eye of the storm

Keep the ship moving
Inhale, exhale
Don't ever give up
Our haven awaits

The sky is clearing up
The water is beginning to recede
We are safe
Track Name: Sun's Demise
It came to pass
Our dream is finally coming true
Be careful what you wish for
It's the beginning of sun's demise

Violent explosion
Damaged our eyesight
We're facing extinction
Solar system's collapse

This expedition is our only chance
Our only hope

The waiting is over
And we are getting what we truly deserve
As less we know it coming to an end
Bringer of light sets the cosmos ablaze

No more delusions of grandeur
Our mission's in jeopardy

Send no message home
No signal
Track Name: 44
Started the engine
I'm going for a ride

Gun in the glove compartment
Just one bullet inside

This time it's personal
It all ends here
One way or the other
It all ends here

Such a perfect day to...
It all ends here
Once and for all

'Tis the rite of passage
'Tis the ultimate journey
There's a river that must be crossed
And a bridge that must be burned

I'm coming for you
My elevator to the gallows

Some kind of Midas in reverse
I lose every time

Don't expect me to fall for that again
Won't let you fool me twice
This is my story
Don't wanna hear yours

I need closure
The final curtain will fall
Track Name: Kingdom
Descend into the land of the dead
Behold the invisible realm

Gloomy shrine
So bow down to the master
Bow down to the master of death

Descend into the underworld
All in one: hell – heaven – limbo

Vast misty wasteland
Kingdom of Hades
Unworshiped, abandoned, rejected

O Persephone
O king Sisyphus
You know it all too well
Chthonic Zeus will not be overreached
'Tis the biggest cosmic scandal

Happiness is just an illusion
Islands of bliss are so far away

The boat of the ferryman
Of keen gaze

Say no word in death's favor